Helping people live more authentic, meaningful lives based on purpose and service to others. By learning how to gain strength in surrendering to our fears and challenges, we can truly understand how to EARN our lives; GIVE our lives; and LIVE our lives.


We learn to authentically connect with ourselves and understand our true values/priorities by gaining Strength in Surrender (SIS). Earn. Give. Live. (EGL) is the daily practical application of the strength and personal connection we realize.


Strength in Surrender is about converting our greatest fears and challenges into our greatest opportunities for growth and triumph.

We gain strength by learning to authentically connect with ourselves. Such authenticity is realized by dissolving the ego and surrendering into our fears and challenges – remaining unmoved as they move through us. This authentic connection allows us to better understand our true drivers/priorities/fears/internal challenges.

Practicing the critical skills of dissolving the ego and allowing our fears to flow through us, as opposed to take root within us, allows decisions to be made out of purpose, rather than fear and/or obligation.


EARN YOUR LIFE. Possessing the capacity to do and become more, we face the uncomfortable and often unknown “internal work” with unwavering commitment/dedication.

GIVE YOUR LIFE. With the duty to maximize our potential and live for something greater than ourselves, we live “outwardly” and connect to others.

LIVE YOUR LIFE. Breaking free from our personal restrictions, we live in the present moment and realize freedom through contemplation, discipline and action. Open to the daily discomfort of growth, we act out of self-love and not in seeking to earn love.


Sought-after for his humble and direct yet entertaining speaking style, Dawson is highly relatable to audiences who often feel intimidated by or disconnected from other high-performing keynote speakers. He is able to provide truly unique insight into what it is to maximize performance in a purposeful way while also contributing to the growth of others – no matter the environment.


We are really proud of Dawson for what he’s doing. With his attitude, drive and passion, he is “Monster Made”.
Dan McHugh, CFO, Monster Energy
What Dawson is doing is absolutely incredible.
Gary Sinise, Awarded Actor and Founder of Gary Sinise Foundation
Pushing boundaries, honoring heroes and inspiring us all. Dawson embodies our “Always Be Ready” way of life.
Francisco Morales, CEO, 5.11 Tactical


Dawson is a M&A Investment Banker, corporate investor and small business operator turned multi-record holding endurance/adventure athlete; sought-after public speaker; lifestyle/performance advisor; and Founder of Dawson’s Peak Foundation. Having suffered from decades of undiagnosed “high-functioning” depression, he knows firsthand what it is to struggle in the “darkness” and to hide personal torment and sadness from others – to feel truly “alone amongst all”.

At age 40, Dawson stepped back from a 15-year career in finance, to pursue his newly found passion for endurance/adventure sports. In just a few short years, Dawson transformed from a novice into setting multiple records across a variety of activities, including: big mountain climbing, polar travel, desert travel and oceanic rowing. He uniquely understands what it takes to live an authentic life and perform at your highest levels no matter the environment – mostly importantly, in everyday life.

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