“We are here for only two reasons: maximize our personal growth and apply that growth to elevate others. Life is simple conceptually; the challenge lies in the details.” – Dawson

We grow as individuals by discovering and developing a true sense of our individual purpose. We are all unique in the sense that we have something to offer the world in a way that only we can offer it. Work directly with Dawson and learn the skills and mindset that he has effectively utilized over decades to overcome nearly debilitating depression and self-doubt to perform at leading levels across a variety of activities and industries. His proven tools are applicable to those seeking professional advancement; personal development; to contribute more to their “circle”; or simply gain a greater sense of purpose.


We are all familiar with the traditional negative connotations associated with the word “surrender”, but what if there was a way to change our perception and use surrender to gain strength in every sense? Embracing many elements of Stoicism, proactive surrender enables us to allow people, events, emotions, fears and challenges to move into and through us without holding onto or being moved by them. We are able to absolve ourselves of a continuous “fight or flight” mindset. Even the strongest among us will eventually break when choosing to fight or flee each day.

The last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way. Suffering, in all its forms, is an ineradicable part of life. The way in which a person accepts their fate, the way in which they take up their cross, gives them ample opportunity to add a deeper meaning to their lives. As we demonstrate we are worthy of our suffering, the last inner freedom will not be lost. It is this spiritual freedom, which cannot be taken away, that makes life meaningful and purposeful.

True proactive surrender will most importantly allow each of us to drop the various “disguises” we show to the world and live as our most authentic and unique selves. Only through this true authenticity can we understand our values, priorities, motivations, purposes and goals. Resulting from a newly found strength and resolve, we can effectively transition from living only in our heads to primarily in our bodies/hearts. Although it is often the hardest “work”, proactive surrender is only the beginning of the journey. It is this transition that will allow us to truly EARN our lives, GIVE our lives and LIVE our lives.


What does “Earn. Give. Live. Your Life.” mean? EGL is the practical, daily application of the true authenticity that we gain through utilizing Strength in Surrender.

EARN YOUR LIFE. – Our lives are not free gifts, but rather opportunities that we “EARN” every day. Focusing our efforts on personalized values/priorities, we can develop a no B.S. and dedicated daily approach to giving everything that is required to meet our objectives. No longer ruled by fear and self-doubt, we are able to understand our nearly unlimited capacity for growth and achievement. We can face the unknown with confidence.

GIVE YOUR LIFE. – We “GIVE” our lives by living for something greater than ourselves and positively impacting others. Our lives are about more than us as individuals. By living “outwardly” (connecting fully to the world), we understand and accept our duty to maximize our potential. Everything we do will eventually impact everyone else around us; nothing is truly done in private.

LIVE YOUR LIFE. – To most effectively “LIVE” our lives, we must get outside ourselves; live in appreciation; and act from a place of love/abundance rather than fear/scarcity. We do this by demonstrating our ongoing commitment in our efforts to “EARN” and “GIVE” our lives. Making ourselves uncomfortable every day, we discover freedom through discipline/action and develop our personal power to act rather than being acted upon. Our lives are the reflection of proactive choices rather than reactive consequences.

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