We are really proud of Dawson for what he’s doing. With his attitude, drive and passion, he is “Monster Made”.
Dan McHugh, CFO, Monster Energy
What Dawson is doing is absolutely incredible.
Gary Sinise, Awarded Actor and Founder of Gary Sinise Foundation
Pushing boundaries, honoring heroes and inspiring us all. Dawson embodies our “Always Be Ready” way of life.
Francisco Morales, CEO, 5.11 Tactical

Combining experiences from his nearly 20-year career in Mergers & Acquisitions (selling companies valued up to and over $200MM); founding a public charity; running small businesses; corporate investing; and his record-breaking athletic adventures, Dawson is able provide truly unique insight in what it is to perform in a purposeful way while also contributing to the growth of others – no matter the environment. Sought after for his humble and direct yet entertaining speaking style, Dawson is highly relatable to audiences who often feel intimidated by or disconnected from by other high-performing keynote speakers.


Strength in Surrender

Resiliency and Mental Toughness

Motivation vs. Discipline

Personal Capacity and Duty

Responsibility and Accountability

Physical Transformations

Service to Others

Personal and Group Productivity

Not a typical athlete or “life coach”, Dawson helps audiences to understand our most authentic lives are lived and true selves revealed in the “margins”. We have been erroneously conditioned by society and negative self-beliefs to dramatically underestimate our self-worth, capabilities and ability to make a difference. Having personally struggled with undiagnosed “high functioning” depression for over 20 years, he understands the tools required to breakthrough mental barriers and overcome physical obstacles to realize our full potential.

Dawson’s captivating talks have inspired numerous groups/organizations and thousands of individuals to achieve higher levels of productivity, teamwork, personal awareness and goal achievement. Not just philosophical rhetoric, he has successfully implemented each of his discussion topics in “real world”, sometimes life threatening, situations.

Whether he’s speaking to thousands of corporate employees, at public ticketed events or in intimate VIP settings, Dawson is simply a man who knows what it takes to transform your life by discovering/living your “individual” purpose and applying that purpose to elevate others.

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